Public Sector

Effective Treasury management plays a crucial role in the public sector, due to rising costs and the constant pressure to work more efficiently. At Zanders, we recognize the significant societal importance of the public sector. Therefore, our services aim to ensure its financial health.

Due to our quality, expertise, and customer orientation, Zanders has held a prominent position as an independent advisor in the dutch public sector for 30 years.

The public sector faces the challenge of creating more societal return with increasingly limited financial resources. How can Zanders enhance the resilience of the public sector against uncertain investment tasks and financial risks?

With our in-depth treasury and financing knowledge, we help your organization gain insights, enabling well-considered policy decisions.

We assist the public sector in identifying and modeling potential scenarios that can improve balance sheet stability and contribute to the sustainability of financial operations.

Our expertise

Arranging financing​

Zanders assists in gaining and maintaining access to the money and capital markets. Our services in financing projects include:

  • Developing a business case
  • Financing applications
  • Restructurings
  • Liquidity forecasts
  • Multi-year financial models

Treasury Organization​

We assist the public sector in safeguarding financial continuity through our strategic advice. Our service in the field of your Treasury is as follows:

  • Conducting a Treasury Scan
  • Setting up the treasury organization
  • Participating in the treasury committee
  • Drafting Treasury bylaw, Treasury Year Plan, and/or periodic treasury reports

Other Services​

  • Treasury subscription
  • Integrated financial risk management
  • Cash management and working capital management
  • Interest rate and currency management
  • Valuation of interest rate derivatives and loan portfolios
  • WACC calculations


In an era of significant challenges in the healthcare sector, such as high inflation, sustainability, and digitalization, our expertise, forecasts, and frameworks help to gain more insight into your organization. 

Zanders provides strategic advice to ensure your organization’s financial future. Zanders assists healthcare organizations with financing applications, restructuring loan portfolios, creating liquidity forecasts, or optimizing the Treasury organization.

In addition to years of experience and in-depth advice, Zanders also offers innovative ways to enhance your financial insight. Take a look at our TREASURYnxt Solutions or request our free Healthanalysis, which provides you with an instant overview of your organization’s key financial ratios.


Educational institutions are faced with extensive investment programs, for example, for new construction or renovation of current educational buildings.

This requires careful coordination between strategic planning and available financial resources. Additionally, education is still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus. The extension of the Dutch National Education Programme can contribute to addressing learning backlogs. As a result, it is important for educational institutions to make thoughtful decisions about how these resources are spent and the pace at which projects are executed.

Furthermore, the shortage of suitable staff has significant consequences for overall performance and operational efficiency. This requires careful alignment of financial resources with societal ambitions. Zanders assists educational institutions in securing financing, provides strategic financial advice based on years of experience in the sector, and helps with organizing the treasury organization.

Water services​

Due to increasing pressure in terms of expansion, replacement investments, and sustainability, water companies are faced with significant investment programs.

The desiccation and the need to develop new extraction methods also play an important role. The scale of these challenges leads to a substantial financing task, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the continuity of water supply.

The WACC, which limits dutch water companies as a profit regulation mechanism to finance these investments largely from operational cash flow, complicates the financing task for water companies. Zanders supports water companies in developing financing strategies, arranging financing, and setting up liquidity forecasts. Zanders also participates in the treasury committee of drinking water companies and can provide them with developments in the money and capital market.

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