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The public sector has distinct treasury challenges and a risk appetite that’s very different to commercial businesses. Zanders provides leaders across health, education, and water, with models, forecasts, and frameworks that give them the insight to address their most critical challenges.

Managing risk and securing access to liquidity are vital to ensure the continuity of essential public services. We provide an approach tailored to the bespoke needs of a public organization.

From debt advisory to your treasury committee and organization – our public sector experts can help you ensure you have the financial and operational resilience to consistently deliver essential services to the citizens you support.

In times when the public sector is confronting tough challenges, we work with you to embed transparency and efficiency into the core of your risk and treasury operations.

Drawing on the deep expertise and experience of our treasury and risk consultants, we dissect your cashflows and reassess your short and long-term risks. From modeling the impact of budget cuts to helping you to use your working capital more strategically, our public sector experts add rigor and visibility to how you optimize your liquidity and manage risk in your financial processes.

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