A tidal wave of turbulence and regulation in recent years has put public bodies under more pressure than ever to be more transparent and do more with less. We work with government organizations to drive up financial efficiency, monitor and manage risk, and optimize social returns.

We help government organizations strengthen their liquidity, respond robustly to regulation, and build greater resilience to risk.

From balancing cashflows to modeling the real-world impact of budget cuts, we help government leaders re-think their risk frameworks and initiate changes to treasury processes to meet citizen and regulator interests and build greater economic resilience.

We help leaders in government bodies identify and model potential scenarios that could jeopardize the stability of their balance sheet, attract regulator concern, or inflict a damaging impact on social yield.

From applying ALM strategies to manage long-term risks, to using the VaR calculation to limit risk exposure – when you need to see more than numbers and data, we can use a variety of tools and techniques to help you extract insight.

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