Government organizations are under increasing pressure to do more with ever fewer resources available. To optimize social returns, it is important to ensure the structural sustainability of financial operations and to quantify risks.

As an independent financial advisor, Zanders works together with governments on sustainable solutions for financially sound operations. We do this based on quality, expertise, and customer orientation.

Zanders assists governments in managing both excess liquidity and the optimal fulfillment of an increasingly growing financing need. This builds greater resilience against uncertain investment tasks and financial risks.

We help governments to identify and model potential scenarios that can improve the stability of the balance sheet and contribute to the sustainability of financial operations.

We do this by looking for alternatives to finance the societal mission, where cooperation can be sought with private law entities.

Our expertise

Treasury Organization​

  • Member of the treasury committee
  • Structure and governance of the treasury organization
  • Forecasting and fulfilling the financing need (short and long term)
  • Deploying or investing excess liquidity
  • Using financial strength in a market-conform way through guarantees or sureties
  • Setting up, structuring, and managing funds
  • Financing the energy transition

Risk management​

  • ALM studies for aftercare funds
  • Drafting and updating the treasury bylaws
  • Policy on guarantees, placements, and investments
  • Assessing business cases and creditworthiness of private parties
  • Market valuation of loans, investments, and derivatives


  • Developing a strategy for treasury transformation projects
  • Treasury system selection
  • Implementation of treasury systems


We assist municipalities in implementing treasury processes to achieve societal goals and strengthen resilience against risks. Zanders supports municipalities with forecasting cash flows, modeling the impact of budget cuts, and visualize effect on financial key figures (such as net debt ratio and solvency). We also help municipalities deal with risks when realizing significant societal investment tasks.

From utilizing alternative financing instruments to optimize municipalities’ financing power for investments, to employing professional rating models for market-conforming agreements with private market parties on financial collaboration. We gladly make our broad and in-depth knowledge of and experience in the field of financing and treasury in both the public and private sectors available to municipalities to meet the challenges they face.


In realizing their societal ambitions, provinces are increasingly seeking collaboration with other market parties. Zanders is available for developing investment policies, credit facilities, financing policies, and setting up and managing funds to achieve societal tasks. We assist in implementing treasury processes to realize societal goals and strengthen resilience against risks.

From applying ALM strategies to manage long-term risks to using Value at Risk calculations to limit exposure to risks. We offer our extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in financing and treasury across both public and private sectors to provinces, ready to tackle the challenges they face.

Central Government​

Through specialized knowledge and experience, Zanders can help to optimize and modernize financial processes. 

Zanders can provide support in the implementation of advanced treasury management systems (TMS) and other technological solutions. These systems assist in automating processes such as payment processes, improving reporting capabilities, and increasing overall transparency within financial operations. After implementation, Zanders remains involved to address any challenges, process feedback, and make adjustments to ensure that the treasury transformation remains sustainable and effective.

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