Treasury operations

Cash management & forecasting

In challenging times, cash management and forecasting could prevent you from financial distress and potential event of default.

In more prosperous times, it can free up capital for investments in future growth and boost shareholder value.

When demand, supply, and prices are fluctuating, access to liquidity is vital. We help companies apply principles of sound liquidity management and cashflow forecasting to minimize disruption to their operations.

Building your response to the cash challenge

We take a magnifying glass to your available liquidity, trapped and restricted cash, working capital and financial risks. Then, using cutting-edge models and proven methodologies, we arm you with the insight you need to make the best decisions for your business and balance sheet.

By improving underlying cash management processes, we can help you to reduce costs, while building financial resilience and strengthening competitive positioning.

Cash management structures

Once we’ve reviewed your existing cash and liquidity management set-up, we’ll then look for ways for you to achieve better control of your cash. This could be through advanced pooling structures, bank rationalization and working capital management solutions. Or there may be an opportunity to introduce an advanced cash management structure, such as an inhouse bank or payment factory.

The power of managing cash management & forecasting

An accurate cash outlook

While the primary goal of cashflow forecasting is to minimize liquidity risk, it delivers value in other ways too. For example, by identifying opportunities to reduce interest expenses, lower working capital, reduce operational risks, and increase yield on cash surpluses.

End-to-end treasury management support

Our support extends from gathering the data for forecasts to designing and implementing new cash management structures. When organizations outsource treasury operations to us, they also often achieve a significant reduction in operating expenses.

Transforming your cash management

Selecting new banking partners, aiding the transition to a shared service centre, initiating a bank rationalization project, adding payment factory functionality to an inhouse bank – when a transformative approach is the best route for your business, we can put the new structure in place with you.

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