Risk Management

Credit risk

Probability of default, loss given default, exposure as default, capital calculations – using a range of models and techniques, we quantify and monitor the level of risk in your credit portfolio to make sure your pricing and lending decisions support your strategy and goals.

Are concerns about credit risk hindering your growth plans? We support you to routinely and robustly monitor your credit profile, so you can allocate resources accurately and ensure credit risk doesn’t derail your strategy.

Adding resilience to your credit risk process

Using a range of robust models and rating assessments, we quantify your exposure to credit risk to give you complete clarity on your position, so you can evaluate your options more accurately.

Our credit risk experts use modeling and analysis to help you assess credit risk, so you can more accurately identify potential for economic stress in your portfolio.

Translate probability into performance

If credit risk spirals out of control, it can be an obstacle to achieving performance goals. Using our experience in the development of credit risk models and frameworks, we’ll promptly alert you to indicators of credit deterioration in your portfolio. We’ll also explain exactly how this could impact on your balance sheet.

The power of a credit risk management

Staying one step ahead

Regulators and stakeholders expect you to identify credit deterioration before it happens. We develop forward looking credit risk models which incorporate macro-economic information, equipping you with the insight, trends, and outlooks to proactively monitor and manage the level of risk in your credit portfolio.

Making sustainability a factor in credit scoring

Climate risk is touching more and more areas of risk strategy and operations. This includes the credit decision-making process. This is why we integrate a range of sustainability risk drivers into our credit risk modelling and reports.

Credit scoring based on robust data models

It’s critical to have conceptually sound models which are fit for purpose. Using our own proprietary rating models (developed in collaboration with Bureau van Dijk and/or sourced by the Financial Times) we can benchmark your credit portfolio in a matter of days.

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