When funds are looking for independent benchmarking, forecasts, and analysis to underpin their judgments, they can rely on Zanders to help them unlock optimal value from this insight.

Equipped with our big-picture insights and forward-thinking frameworks, you have the tools to protect your P&L and reduce the exposure to risk in your portfolio.

Armed you with sophisticated models, structures and analysis, we empower you to measure and manage risk and optimize capital with more efficiency and accuracy. We build structures and strategies that convert data into a decision-making asset, so you can identify and pursue growth opportunities with clarity and confidence.

When you’re navigating intense financial and market uncertainty and rising regulatory scrutiny, we look after the risk and red tape, so you can stay focused on creating the strategy and delivering your growth plans.

In an ambiguous financial environment, we’re working with funds to develop smarter, more resilient treasury and risk protocols. Whether you’re changing how you deploy the three lines of defence, looking at using RACI to clarify accountability, or considering automation and AI to future-proof processes – we have experts you can call on for advice.

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