Driving Treasury Innovation: A Closer Look at SAP BTP

October 2023
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In this article, we will delve deeper into some of the key offerings of SAP BTP for treasury and explore how it can contribute to driving innovation within treasury. 

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is not just a standalone product or a conventional module within SAP's suite of ERP systems; rather, it serves as a strategic platform from SAP, serving as the foundational underpinning for all company-wide innovations. In this article, we will delve deeper into some of the key offerings of SAP BTP for treasury and explore how it can contribute to driving innovation within treasury. 

The platform is designed to offer a versatile array of tools and services, aiming to enhance, extend, and seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP systems and other applications. Ultimately enabling a more efficient realization of your business objectives, delivering enhanced operational efficacy and flexibility. 

Analytics and AI 

One of the standout features of SAP BTP for treasury is its analytics and planning solution, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This feature seamlessly connects with different data sources and other SAP applications. It supports Extended Planning & Analysis and Predictive Planning using machine learning models.  

At the core of SAC, various planning areas – like finance, supply chain, and workforce – are combined into a cloud-based interconnected plan. This plan is based on a single version of the truth, bringing planning content together. Enhanced by predictive AI and ML models, the plan achieves more accurate forecasting and supports near-real-time planning. Users can also compare different scenarios and perform what-if analysis to evaluate the impact of changes on the plan equipping organizations to prepare for uncertainties effectively. 

Application Development and Integration 

An organization's treasury architecture landscape often involves numerous systems, custom applications, and enhancements. However, this complexity can result in challenges related to maintenance, technical debt, and operational efficiency. 

Addressing these challenges, SAP BTP offers a solution known as the SAP Build apps tool. The tool enables users to adapt standard functionalities and create custom business applications through intuitive no-code/low-code tools. This allows that all custom development takes place outside your SAP ERP system, thereby preserving a ‘clean core’ of your SAP system. This will allow for a simpler, more streamlined maintenance process and a reduced risk of compatibility issues when upgrading to newer versions of SAP. 

In addition, SAP BTP facilitates seamless connectivity through a range of connectors and APIs integrated within the SAP Integration Suite. Enabling a harmonious integration of data and processes across diverse systems and applications, whether they are on-premise or cloud-based. 

Process Automation and Workflow Management 

Efficient process automation and workflow management play a pivotal role in enhancing treasury operations. SAP BTP offers an efficient solution named SAP Build Process Automation which enables users to design and oversee business processes using either low-code or no-code methods. It combines workflow management, robotic process automation, decision management, process visibility, and AI capabilities, all consolidated within a user-friendly interface.  

A significant advantage of SAP BTP's  workflow approach over conventional SAP workflows is the unification of workflows across diverse systems, including non-SAP systems and increased flexibility, enabling smoother interaction between processes and systems. 

The integration of SAP BTP for workflow with different SAP modules such as TRM, IHC, BAM is facilitated through the SAP Workflow Management APIs within your SAP S/4 HANA system. 

In the context of treasury functions, SAP Build Process Automation proves invaluable for automating and refining diverse processes such as cash management, risk management, liquidity planning, payment processing, and reporting. For instance, users can leverage the integrated AI functionalities for tasks like collecting bank statements/account balance information from different systems, consolidating information, saving and/or distributing the cash position information to the appropriate people and systems. Furthermore, the automation recorder can be employed to mechanize the extraction and input of data from diverse systems. Finally, the SAP Build Process Automation can also be utilized to create workflows for complex payment approval scenarios, including exceptions and escalations. 

Extensions to the Treasury Ecosystem 

SAP BTP extends the treasury ecosystem with multiple treasury-specific developed solutions, seamlessly enhancing your treasury SAP S/4 HANA system functionality. These extensions include: Multi-Bank Connectivity for simplified and secure banking interactions, SAP  Digital Payment Add-On for efficiently connecting to payment service providers. Trading Platform Integration for streamlined financial instrument trading, SAP Cloud for Credit Integration to assess business partner credit risk, SAP Taulia for Working Capital Management, Cash Application for automatic bank statement processing and cash application, and lastly, SAP Market Rates Management for the reliable retrieving of market data. 

Empowering organizations with extensive treasury needs by enabling them to selectively adopt these value-added capabilities and solutions offered by SAP. 

Alternatives to SAP BTP 

The primary driving factor to consider integrating SAP BTP as an addon to your SAP ERP is when there is an integrated company-wide approach towards adopting BTP. Furthermore, if the standard SAP functionalities fall short of meeting the specific demands of the treasury department, or if the need for seamless integration with other systems arises. 

It's important to prioritize the optimization of complex processes whenever feasible first, avoiding the pitfall of optimizing inherently flawed processes using advanced technologies such as SAP BTP. It is worth noting that the standard SAP functionality, which is already substantial, could very well suffice. Consequently, we recommend conducting an analysis of your processes first, utilizing the Zanders best practices process taxonomy, before deciding on possible technology solutions. 

Ultimately, while considering technology options, it's wise to explore offerings from best-of-breed  treasury solution providers as well – keeping in mind the potential need for integration with SAP. 

Getting Started 

The above highlights just a glimpse of SAP BTP's capabilities. SAP offers a free trial that allows users to explore its services. Instead of starting from scratch, you can leverage predefined business content such as intelligent RPA bots, workflow packages, predefined decision and business rules and over 170 open connectors with third-party products to get inspired. Some examples relevant for treasury include integration with Trading Brokers, S4HANA SAP Analytics Cloud, workflows designed for managing free-form payments and credit memos, as well as connectors linking to various accounting systems such as Netsuite Finance, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage. 


SAP BTP for Treasury is a powerful platform that can significantly enhance treasury. Its advanced analytics, app development and integration, and process automation capabilities enable organizations to gain valuable insights, automate tasks, and improve overall efficiency. If you are looking to revolutionize your treasury operations, SAP BTP is a compelling option to consider.  


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