Interest rate instability, credit risk, market volatility, the ever-rising prominence of climate risk, competition from FinTechs – the list goes on. In an environment where banks are fighting to protect their position and their profitability, we help you build resilience into your risk processes.

Monitoring, modeling, and managing risk have never been more critical, or more challenging. And this is where Zanders consultants add value.

FinTechs are threatening bank revenues, ESG is demanding more decisive action, and an unpredictable global economy is putting credit risk sharply in the spotlight. With any semblance of status quo obliterated, banks can turn to Zanders to challenge, reinvigorate and reinforce their approach to risk strategy and governance.

Whether it’s validating a risk model landscape or modeling exposure to credit risk, our consultants help banks prepare not only for the challenges they face today but also the ambiguity of what lies ahead.

Could artificial intelligence enhance your approach to anti-money laundering? How is market volatility affecting the value of your assets? Is your approach to decarbonisation sufficient to satisfy stakeholder and regulator scrutiny? Give today’s interest rate volatility, does your risk appetite framework need recalibrating? We provide access to the models, technology, and market expertise to help you craft a robust risk roadmap for the future.

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