Risk Strategy

Risk appetite framework

We find the balance between stability and opportunity, to create a controlled environment aligned to both your risk appetite and tolerance.

An effective risk appetite framework is a critical part of your risk management and governance strategy. We’ll develop a framework for you that clearly states your appetite for risk – In other words, the level of risk-taking that will allow you to pursue your long-term financial goals.

No more passive risk-taking

The question isn’t whether you accept risk, it’s about how much. By combining statistical modelling, scenario analysis and qualitative judgement, we’ll help you set your risk parameters, giving you the confidence to react decisively and consistently to changing conditions.

A risk appetite framework ensures the people who take risk on your organization’s behalf, make decisions in the context of your strategic objectives, recognizing risk drivers and keeping within agreed limits.

Making risk aware decisions

With a risk appetite framework, we help you to adopt a more conscious and measured approach to risk-taking. In other words, decisions are made with full awareness of their potential impact on your long-term, strategic goals. And if you do overshoot, it helps you identify the action required to get back on track.

The power of a risk appetite framework

A customized risk appetite framework

Following regulatory guidelines, best market practice and adding in an injection of our professional judgement, we identify the key risk indicators and set appropriate risk limits. This creates a robust risk appetite framework that’s calibrated to precisely support your performance goals and financial ambitions.

Verified by industry experts

Today, the value of and need for risk appetite frameworks is universally recognized. What’s harder to agree on is what an effective one looks like. Our clients turn to us for certainty that their approach to risk is verified by industry-recognized experts.

Giving risk wider relevance

Smart organizations are increasingly recognizing risk appetite frameworks have relevance outside of their C-suite. When implemented effectively, they can add value to employees all around a business by ensuring everyone is talking the same risk language.

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