Private Equity

We give investors a firmer understanding of the working capital, cash conversion cycle and financial risks of their portfolio companies. With this insight, they can build the discipline and resilience to unlock new opportunities. Even in today’s uncertain economic and geopolitical environment.

We offer a range of cash flow forecasting modeling, working capital management solutions, and operational treasury processes to give you the resilience you need today and the agility to grasp opportunities in your future.

13-week cash flow forecasts that reveal your true cash drivers. Working capital management geared specifically to shorten your cash conversion cycle and reduce financing costs. A dynamic control infrastructure that allows you to react promptly to exchange rate volatility and rising interest rates.

We’ll leverage our expertise from multiple angles to identify ways to build resilience and reduce risk across your portfolio.

Private equity funds often don’t have the inhouse resource to build the cash discipline needed in today’s markets. We offer a range of support options – from outsourcing your entire function to Zanders to calling on us for specific advisory services.

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is now part of Zanders

In a continued effort to ensure we offer our customers the very best in knowledge and skills, Zanders has acquired Fintegral.

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