NGOs & Charities

When you’re entrusted with funds provided by sponsors, transparency, compliance, and robust governance are critically important to maintaining your credibility. We help you implement controls to safeguard your integrity so you can press forward with delivering your purpose.

By fostering a robust approach to risk and internal controls, we enable NGOs and charities to optimize their funds and prove their resources have been put to good use.

From managing FX and credit risks to protect the value of your funds, to looking how optimizing your working capital could free up cash to drive forward new projects. When you’re under pressure to deliver more, even when you’re receiving less funding, we make sure your income works harder to support your goals.

We understand the scrutiny you face as a charity or NGO and offer pragmatic and practical solutions to help achieve compliance and navigate financial challenges.

The risks and regulations NGOs and charities face are increasingly challenging and burdensome. We provide the resource and sector-specific expertise to help identify, assess, and mitigate risk so you can better prepare for future challenges.

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