Treasury digitalization

Robotic Process Automation

As digital transformation rapidly infiltrates the corporate world, we’re working with more and more treasury teams to introduce RPA and other intelligent automation technology into their operations.

Routine treasury tasks can be an almighty drain on your time. And without the intervention of automation technology, there’s little you can do to speed things up.

Building a blueprint for automation

We first perform an in-depth analysis to identify the treasury activities where RPA will deliver the biggest time and cost-saving benefits. Then, we configure, optimize, and implement automations based on these findings to deliver maximum value and minimal disruption to your organization.

Using RPA technology to automate manual, repetitive processes, unlocks time and capacity for treasurers to concentrate on strategic activities, without incurring additional headcount costs.

Rigor is as important as speed

With automation technology, you can perform key treasury processes quicker and with less manual input from your team. Zanders’ automation projects deliver more than efficiency gains – they also enhance control by reducing the probability of human errors.

The power of RPA and intelligent automation

Optimizing your digital processes

Integration between treasury and other platforms is critical to maximizing efficiency. When data usage between systems is clunky and disjointed, it can lead to unnecessary duplication of effort and an increase in operational errors. We identify how RPA could be applied intelligently to better connect and achieve Straight Through Processing between disparate systems.

Automate complex processes

Off-the-shelf automations offer limited value for complex or bespoke processes. We have the skills, experience, and licences to automate highly customized processes using RPA. This can significantly drive up your efficiency, mitigate risk, and open up new opportunities for your function.

Fast analysis for a complex treasury landscape

Treasury analysis often draws upon data stored in multiple silos across an organization – ERP, TMS, consolidation software and procurement systems to name a few. A well-constructed RPA enables fast analysis by taking real-time data obtained from disparate sources, putting it together, and delivering it back to you in the form of meaningful insight.

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