Risk Management

Non-financial risk

Defusing non-financial risk incidents when they arise is one thing, more important is having a framework to prevent them materializing in the first place. 

Compensation claims, litigation, reputational damage – there are no beneficial commercial consequences to justify tolerance of non-financial risks. As a result, boards are now demanding a more thorough approach to preventing and controlling operational risks and regulatory compliance.

Recognising risk triggers

There are unforeseen threats lurking in everyday operations that can be just as damaging as financial risk. We provide independent assurance to your board and regulators that you have compliance and operational risk covered.

A carefully constructed control environment reduces the burden on risk departments when faced with compliance failures and operational mishaps.

Less damage limitation, more control

There’s little warning of when or where the next non-financial risk might happen. We structure control environments (for example, anti-money laundering processes) that help organisations proactively protect their performance and reduce reputational damage in an uncertain world.

The power of managing non-financial risks

Reducing the burden of managing non-financial risk

We help you to become more alert to non-financial risk, so you can put measures in place to protect your finances and reputation from the damage of non-financial risk in a highly targeted way, from a number of angles.

Modeling scenarios to communicate consequences

We use quantitative and qualitative methods to forecast potential incidents and extract learning points from near misses. This ensures our advice is grounded by real world impact.

Assessing control effectiveness

When it comes to mitigating risk, it pays to be prepared. In line with rising regulatory expectations, we report on the effectiveness of your control measures and alert you when tightening or loosening might be appropriate.

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