Treasury Technology Support

Treasury Technology Support

In today’s business world, the demand for expert treasury support is an increasing trend. Whether it is post implementation operational support, delivery of complex change requests as part of a continuous improvement initiative, specialized functional or technical systems training or any other treasury support task, the concept of an expert treasury support provider is rapidly growing.

Choosing the right support model

There are several factors to consider when choosing a support model that meets the business support requirements. It might be that a service desk model is the correct fit or perhaps an integrated model. To help with these key decisions it is important to consider some of the key support challenges.

Support challenges


Attracting and retaining the talent required for specialized treasury support is difficult.
Adjusting the size and composition of a support team can present a unique challenge for organizations.
Talent management can become increasingly expensive and have direct impact on solution quality, agility and return on investment (ROI).

How we can help

With our ability to access a wide pool of treasury experts with both functional & technical knowledge, across the TMS landscape, we can mitigate the “Key Person Risk” where your company requires that demand.

Managing Execution

With ERP platforms becoming more and more complex, having the right support team, the right support structure and the right support controls is increasingly critical to managing risk and controlling cost.

How we can help

To achieve this, organizations need ERP-specific expertise (e.g. SAP TRM), a robust support model and support tools that seamlessly integrate with the business and organisational environment.

Providing Added Value

Many organizations have shifted their ERP “operation mode” focus to continuous value generation by increasingly relying on external relationships and resources to help deliver continuous improvement packages and bring long-term cost reduction.

How we can help

We create effective value based on our experience and expertise by proposing improvements to the business systems & processes.


Why choose Zanders Treasury Technology Support?

We are an expert service provider in deploying and maintaining treasury technology

Fast and responsive support is key when using a business-critical system and as an end-user of a treasury system, you expect to get support from a treasury systems expert. We provide in-depth domain expertise supported by near-shore consultants with a combination of treasury and payment systems knowledge, ready to take your query and support you in getting back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Being able to rely on a team of treasury support consultants, mitigates that “Key Person Risk” and provides business continuity and operational resilience.

As not one size fit all, we work with our customers to define the right support model, enabling us to provide a service that is cost effective and tailored to the customers’ requirements. We offer a monthly, service-based pricing model that provides a more predictable-cost approach for the client.


Support Service Product Features

Incident Management: Report, respond, analyse, and prevent impact by restoring the service back to normal as quickly as possible.

Problem Management: Eliminate recurring issues and reduce adverse impact by identifying and fixing root cause.

SLA Reporting: Quarterly Service Reporting including regular Service Reviews.

Continuous Improvement: On current systems and processes including Post Go-Live reviews, Corrective maintenance, Change Requests, DMEE Configuration & Maintenance.

Change Management: Understand the change and its impact. Implement it with minimum risk, based on standard procedures and practices.

Knowledge Management: Capture, organise and make knowledge available to all. Reduce redundancy by empowering users to find the solutions for common issues.

System Upgrades: We support our clients with functional upgrades and testing of the system in alignment with latest market requirements (ie LIBOR Reform).

Treasury Training: We offer comprehensive training covering treasury processes and treasury systems (technical and functional).



Decisions on support team structure, support model, support processes and sourcing partner, that can meet your business support requirements will be critical as the adoption of emerging treasury technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) come into effect.

Zanders has a wealth of experience in this field and already provides treasury technology support to several organizations. It is an ideal solution for those corporates who are lacking skills and experience in emerging technologies, struggling to get that expert level treasury support or find themselves with that “Key Person Risk” exposure.

If you are looking for a partner who can provide expert level treasury systems support and 3rd party integration services, who is a specialized service provider in deploying and maintaining treasury technology, then please get in contact with Warren Epstein.

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