Strategic benchmarking

Understanding how your treasury measures up against best practice and your peers is a powerful way to drive forward your performance.

By benchmarking your processes against companies with comparable treasury complexity, we build a powerful picture of the effectiveness of your treasury function.

An outside-in view of your treasury

Periodic performance reviews or a new CFO questioning the effectiveness and efficiency of your treasury operations? Perhaps you need an accurate baseline for your C-suite to judge a treasury transformation project? Benchmarking measures value and provides quality control in a wide range of strategic scenarios.

Strategic benchmarking can be used to articulate strengths and communicate value. Equally, it can raise the alert on areas of risk or inefficiency that require improvement.

A short project that delivers actionable outcomes

Benchmarking treasury activities, enablers, and key metrics quickly flags over- and under-performing areas of your operation. Whether it’s a gap in technology deployment or operational and financial risks, we’ll create a roadmap to get you back on track. And we’ll also highlight any untapped opportunities for improving the size, cost, and efficiency of your treasury function and internal controls.

The power of strategic benchmarking

Knowledge is power

Benchmarking drives best practice in a multitude of ways. For the CFO, it provides an overview of how efficiently and effectively the treasury function is operating and assesses the ability to capture value from this function for the organization. For the treasurer, it offers an objective assessment and a roadmap on how to improve.

A proven framework

Benchmarking projects begin with intensive information gathering, via desktop research, interviews, and shadowing sessions. After sharing initial findings at a validation workshop, we’ll use our proprietary Treasury and Risk Maturity Model to compare your performance against peers with a similar treasury complexity. Finally, we build outcomes into a roadmap with clear deliverables.

Adding meaning to metrics

Benchmarking doesn’t stop at quantifying your performance. We’ll also take know-how gained from working with a global client portfolio of more than 500 corporate treasuries and apply this to translate your metrics into meaningful action points.

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