Treasury resilience

Enterprise liquidity

Economic volatility, a pandemic, unexpected disruption in supply chains – a relentless stream of black swan events has inflicted uncertainty on liquidity. We help you define potential scenarios and quantify their impact on the financial situation of your organization, so you can prepare for any future shocks.

When the unexpected happens, you need to understand how it can impact your financial structure and your ability to meet your financial obligations. From numbers, we extract insight to give you clarity on your enterprise liquidity position.

Protect value. Mitigate risk.

Forecasting cashflows for a variety of scenarios gives you the clarity to make more informed decisions around your liquidity buffer and financial headroom. We use quantitative modelling and qualitative assessments to flag any potential shortfalls and guide you towards a risk-mitigating course of action.

We delve into the detail of cashflow impact, interrogating every scenario from a number of angles to give you better control of your financial situation.

A multi-dimensional approach

Workshops where we map potential financial risks. Modelling to quantify the likelihood and impact of these risks occurring. Deploying transformational processes that allow you to monitor and forecast liquidity. Zanders’ consultants build treasury resilience from multiple angles to give you a holistic view on your financial position.

The power of enterprise liquidity

Prepare for the unexpected

Using statistical analysis and advanced quantitative modelling, we calculate the potential impact of an event or incident on your liquidity, financial position, and implied credit rating. This gives CFOs and corporate treasurers robust insight to prepare for unpredictable events.

Extracting meaning from statistics

We use models and experience to make the connections between quantitative analysis and real-world impact. And then we translate this into a resilient corporate finance strategy that delivers risk mitigating outcomes for your organization.

A cash mentality

As treasury experts, we help you see your long-term liquidity in sharp focus. It’s a subtle but critical shift in financial viewpoint – moving from accounting numbers to the cash-focused insight you need to manage your financial situation when there’s a disruption or credit event.

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