Treasury operations

Inhouse bank & payments

By introducing an advanced inhouse bank structure, we unlock better performance by empowering your treasury to centrally scrutinize cashflows, net intercompany positions, optimize FX trading, and allocate liquidity in the most optimal way

When subsidiaries operate in cash management silos, group treasury can end up working with a multitude of local banks. For sprawling, global organizations, centralized cash management and streamlined payment operations can lower fees, reduce FX risk, harmonize disparate payment processes, and diminish operational risk.

Optimizing trapped cash

On the one hand, you have cash-rich entities amassing cash in their bank accounts. On the other, you have cash-strapped arms of the business drawing on credit facilities to cover payment shortfalls. Somewhere in the middle, sits the corporate treasury wrangling with incompatible payment processes, fluctuating exchange rates, and a multitude of local banks. Allowing your subsidiaries to use internal cash instead of bank borrowing for day-to-day working capital, streamlines processes and optimizes trapped cash.

We help you transact and administer group financial transactions in an OECD compliant and transparent way, obeying the relevant transfer pricing guidelines.

Bringing banking services inhouse

Organizations today are facing a bigger need than ever for more efficient access to liquidity. An inhouse bank gives organizations more centralized control of treasury operations and more freedom to optimize how they distribute enterprise-wide liquidity and reduce idle cash.

The power of inhouse bank & payments

Optimizing cash management and payment processes

The more local banks you work with, the more time it takes to monitor liquidity and manage the payment process. Providing business units and legal entities with an internal bank account speeds up transactions, lowers banking fees, and reduces the pressure on your treasury team.

Tackling payment inefficiency

If you’re managing too many local bank accounts, you’re probably stacking up FX conversion fees and relying on numerous people to access and operate various electronic banking systems. A payment factory simplifies and de-risks your processes. And by doing this you can also optimize working capital and reduce banking charges

Setting up an inhouse bank

Our consultants work with you to define and implement your inhouse banking structure. From running the RFP to implementing a TMS for an inhouse bank, you can offload the whole process to us. Or alternatively, bring us in for an injection of energy and expertise midway through.

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