Risk Data and Analytics

Blockchain & DeFi

As the opportunities offered by blockchain technology and decentralized finance (or DeFi) expand, we make sure you’re using robust, real-time data and processes to prevent you from taking on outsized risks.

We prepare you for the risks and reality of delivering blockchain-powered solutions. So, when the time is right, you can capitalize on the significant advantages offered by a DeFi operating model.

Preparing for a new frontier in finance

With blockchain now gaining traction in financial services, the industry’s pacesetters are now racing to enter this new frontier in finance. But DeFi platforms shouldn’t be treated as simply another data stream to be integrated into existing risk infrastructures. Our blockchain data experts take a more nuanced approach.

Zanders combines the technological expertise and a pragmatic approach to risk that’s required to unlock the full potential of blockchain and decentralized finance.

Compliantly contribute to the future of finance

By reducing the role of physical intermediaries in executing financial interactions, blockchain and DeFi bring attractive efficiencies to financial services. But they also introduce an influx of new risks. Regulators are now taking a more active role in this area of the market, demanding vigilance and compliance from participants. We make sure you have the right data foundations to withstand this scrutiny.

The power of blockchain and DeFi

Evaluate and evade risk

From smart contracts and flash loans to using cryptos in the payment process, our multidisciplinary team will make sure you can execute blockchain-based transactions efficiently and securely.

Staying ahead of the curve

And by curve, we mean your competitors. We build governance and control frameworks that not only protect you from the pitfalls and keep you compliant, but also enable you to use data and analytics to evolve at pace.

Consider your back covered

Our experts have been immersed in blockchain and the digital asset space for years. But we understand it’s new territory for many of our clients. We’re here to help you decipher DeFi and make sense of blockchain.

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