Treasury transformation

Technology selection

When your traditional processes or legacy systems are pushed to their limits, we help you select the right technology to move your treasury into a new era of automation.

For the best chance of treasury transformation success, you need a structured approach to selecting and procuring your platforms. Zanders provides a straightforward and unbiased way to do just that.

Proprietary transformation tools

Whether you’re embarking on a greenfield implementation or replacing an existing system, we apply our proprietary Tech-Select tool and knowledge to assist you in selecting the right solution to meet your current and future functional and technical requirements.

The Zanders Tech-Select tool identifies the right technology solution for you based on the needs of your treasury and the outcomes you’re aiming for. Tech-Select is based on a curated database incorporating the functionality of all leading treasury systems.

A broad and unbiased selection process

TMS, payment systems, bank connectivity, risk management systems, market data platforms – we cover the full spectrum of the treasury technology ecosystem. And for clarity, we’re not a reseller and we don’t have commercial incentives with any technology vendors. When you get our recommendation, you can be assured it’s 100% independent.

The power of technology selection

A digital treasury roadmap

We start by clarifying current and future technology supported processes, activities, and data. Once we’ve identified gaps and improvement points in your current treasury technology stack, we’ll plot where you want to be in the next five years and give you a roadmap to achieving your digital treasury goals.

An expert sounding board

From helping you finetune the functionality you need, to developing a vendor shortlist. From facilitating the RFP process, to driving forward the final scoping and contract negotiations. When you work with Zanders, you benefit from our insight throughout the vendor selection process.

Preparing for implementation

We help you to pre-empt potential issues before you even embark on the implementation phase. With Zanders you get a complete overview of scope, activities, interfaces, resources, and budget for the implementation phase of a treasury transformation project.

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