Treasury resilience

Working capital management

In an uncertain economy and with the cost of capital rising, your balance sheet can be an overlooked internal source of capital. We help you to unlock your working capital more strategically, both from you and your supply chain partners

We not only give you more clarity on your working capital, we also guide you on how to deploy your cash reserves, inventory, accounts payables, and receivables to deliver the most profitable and sustainable results.

Optimizing working capital

We optimize your working capital not only to make sure you can meet your financial obligations, but also to free up cash to fund growth opportunities, enhance market perception of your business, and solidify relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Zanders can work with you to instigate an optimized working capital cycle by releasing trapped cash and reducing the need to seek external funding.

Purpose-driven & pragmatic

Improving shareholder value, shaping up your balance sheet to attract new investment, implementing a supplier finance program that supports your ESG goals – we help you instigate working capital management practices targeted to deliver the performance you need most.

The power of working capital

An independent viewpoint

We quantify and analyze how you can improve working capital management from an independent viewpoint. We then take these insights and transform it into actionable advice to help you reduce your balance sheet and shorten your cash conversion cycle (CCC).

More effective funding

Faced with the rising cost of capital, reducing the implied cost of working capital is a priority for many businesses. If you have excessive cash tied up in inventory and with debtors, we model how it could be used to reduce your leverage or provide access to alternative funding channels.

Optimizing your financial supply chain

Supply chain financing (SCF) can unlock attractive liquidity benefits to both buyers and suppliers. We use credit rating models to interrogate your supplier database to help you evaluate counterparties and quantify the value of running an SCF program.

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