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PRIIPS: Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance –Based Products

The PRIIPS cloud solution leverages Zanders' extensive experience in PRIIPS calculations across various asset classes, enabling seamless generation of required key information documents for regulatory compliance.

Why Zanders for your PRIIPS calculations?

The regulations on the Key Information Document (KID) for PRIIPs are challenging for many asset managers. Our PRIIPs solution guarantees compliant KID calculations, both for liquid and illiquid funds.

Annual regulatory updates

  • Calculation tooling is updated based on supervisory Q&A
  • Methodology paper updated for potential AFM questions

Outsourcing recurring calculations

  • Outsourcing of monthly recalculations and maintenance
  • More focus on core activities

Independent KID calculations

  • For communication towards AFM and investors
  • Countervailing power and/or second opinion

Want to learn more? Get in touch to discover how Zanders can simplify your PRIIPS calculations and lighten your compliance load.

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