Treasury resilience

Corporate finance

Whether it’s additional funding for an acquisition or CAPEX program, a drive for capital efficiency or refinancing for an existing funding structure, we guide CFOs towards the optimal capital structure.

Changes in market and economic conditions can change your target capital structure and how you finance M&A, and capital investment projects. We make sure the right money is available at the right time in the right way.

Reducing the burden of (re)financing

We work with you to craft a fit-for-purpose financing strategy that gives you control of liquidity risk, reduces funding costs, opens up access to different liquidity sources, and drives up working capital efficiency.

Zanders combines broad market experience with advanced analytics to help structure financing to maximize capital efficiency, limit liquidity risk, and deliver sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Broad spectrum corporate finance advice

Our corporate finance expertise extends across debt advisory, balance sheet management, and working capital. This means you can come to us for independent guidance on everything from arranging funding, to optimizing financing structures, to limiting liquidity risk and shortening your cash conversion cycles.

The power of corporate finance

Facilitating deal execution

Our advice is delivered by a team of senior subject matter specialists. They bring broad and deep expertise in modelling funding requirements – from presenting a complete overview of funding instruments available to determining your implied credit rating, arranging new funding, and drafting of term sheets.

Independence and strategic oversight

With Zanders, you get the benefit of working with an independent advisor with broad market experience. We help you to strike the right balance between pursuing ambitious shareholder value objectives and maintaining a robust approach to your liquidity.

Optimizing financing structures

We use proprietary corporate finance models to forecast funding needs and implied credit rating under different scenarios. Then, when the time is right, you have the insight to choose the optimal mix of funding instruments for your circumstances.

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In a continued effort to ensure we offer our customers the very best in knowledge and skills, Zanders has acquired Fintegral.

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