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Assess my risk

From escalating interest rates to climate risk and flux in foreign exchange – we model, measure and evaluate the real-world impact of risk, so you can build resilience into your decision-making and processes.

Will PD and LGD modelling give you a clearer measure of credit risk across your portfolio? Or maybe your new CFO wants an independent expert to evaluate your AML processes? Leaders are increasingly looking to quantitative analysis, rating assessments and behavioral modelling for answers.

By identifying, quantifying, and analysing risk in a highly structured way, we help you to adopt a more calculated approach to assessing risk and its potential impact on your performance.

Mathematically sound. Business oriented.

Our solutions are data-driven, using best practice methods. Using risk modelling, sensitivity analysis and stress testing, we help you to identify and assess the risks to your balance sheet. This delivers more clarity around market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk, so you can take appropriate actions to mitigate or manage the impact they inflict on your financial and operational performance.

Assess your risk

Mitigate my risk

You can never fully eliminate risk, but by using replication and hedging strategies, we help you to instigate controls to minimize the disruption to your balance sheet.

Zanders can help you to reduce your exposure to risk by using a variety of risk modelling and strategies to replicate your portfolio or hedge your position.

For example, we can integrate hedging into your treasury strategy by using financial derivatives to guard your balance sheet against market and exchange rate volatility.

Update your risk approach

A robust approach to the mitigation of risk allows you to safeguard your strategic priorities and maintain the trust of your stakeholders. We apply our years of experience in financial and behavioural modelling to develop hedging that limits your exposure to external events.

Mitigate your risk

Manage my risk

Today, more than ever, it’s critically important that organizations continually reinforce their resilience to change and uncertainty. When risks can’t be fully mitigated, we implement controls so you can manage them.

If we’ve learned anything from the catastrophic events of recent years, it’s that not all risks can be fully mitigated. A strong risk management practice enables you to stay in control of your risks, avoid capital add-ons, and empowers you to build a more resilient organization.

When risks are managed, future decisions can be made with full awareness of the potential impacts.

Taking a more proactive stance on risk

We support clients with the design and implementation of their risk management strategies. This includes everything from developing the overarching risk policy and risk appetite statement, to the practical elements of initiating governance procedures and risk limits.

Manage your risk

Optimize my upside

Some opportunities pose not only a downside risk, but also an upside potential to grow your bottom line. We build proactive risk strategies, using advanced modelling, analysis and data insight to guide your financial performance to towards an upward growth trajectory.

To pursue growth sometimes demands an openness to taking calculated risk. For example, by steering the duration of equity, optimizing investment portfolios, or estimating the impact of pricing decisions.

We help clients to define their risk appetite framework and risk strategy to allow for tactical or strategic decisions with upside potential, while limiting overall risks to the balance sheet.

A calculated approach to risk

With our in-depth knowledge of risk modelling and measurement, we can help clients to implement measures that make the trade-off between risk and return more transparent. By understanding risk-return trade-offs, institutions can optimize their upside potential and make their balance sheet work in their favour.

Optimize your upside


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