EuroFinance International Treasury Management

  • Conference
  • Wednesday 27 September 2023
  • 09:00-17:00 CEST
  • Location: Barcelona

Eurofinance International: A global landscape on Treasury & Risk

Networking, experiences, insights and discussions will be the pillars of the world’s largest and most influential financial event, arriving to its 32nd annual edition.

With more than 2000 professionals from 50 countries around the world you will be exploring the theme of “navigating the world”, with specialised speakers who will empower treasurers to tackle new risks and challenges to drive positive outcomes to their organisations. Join our attendance and explore eight different stages where case studies and provoking panel discussion will show you interesting perspectives on the world of treasury.  The 32nd annual treasury event, the world’s largest and most impactful, is set to return this September in Barcelona. Join over 2,000 participants representing 50+ countries to share experiences, grasp best practices, and connect with prominent financial and tech partners. This year, our focus is on “navigating a new world.” Expert speakers will empower treasury professionals to confront fresh and intricate challenges, fostering resilience and value creation within their organizations.

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