The Digital Transformation of Treasury: A Critical Imperative

The Digital Transformation of Treasury: A Critical Imperative

The current technology landscape contains a tsunami of innovative technologies that are available now or just on the horizon. We are delighted to collaborate with AFP in in the production of this 4-part series of articles to take a more practical look at the Digital Transformation of Treasury.

The aim is to both define and demystify the enabling technologies in addition to highlighting the relevance and the fact that adoption of new technology is no longer a choice, but a critical business strategy.

The white paper consist of four parts:

Part 1 – The Current Technology Landscape

Start with getting familiar with the six core transformational technologies that will ultimately re-define and elevate corporate treasury.

Part 2 – Current Adoption Rates

Current adoption rates of digital technologies may be higher than you think. How far down the road is your treasury department? Part 2 looks at the current state of digital treasury adoption.

Part 3 – The Drag in Corporate Adoption of New Treasury Technologies

When digital technologies aren’t adopted quickly, what is the cause. Part 3 examines those digital technologies that are lagging behind in being implemented by departments and why.

Part 4 – The Digital Transformation Roadmap

A digital transformation roadmap is more than just the technology, it needs to embrace the broader business strategy, with collaboration and partnership the key to success. Find the principles and questions you need to ask for success.

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This white paper is written by Mitchell Ponder (Manager at Zanders), Sibren Schilders (Senior Manager at Zanders) and Mark Sutton (Senior Manager at Zanders) in collaboration with the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).