Interim Services

Interim Services

Zanders has placed its interim activities under ‘Zanders Interim Services’.

These activities focus on the specific Zanders specializations, expertise, competences and client groups. By focusing on these sectors Zanders can guarantee the quality and progress of the assignments that it undertakes.

The same professional quality that Zanders offers in its consultancy work and transactional operations will be assured by the interim managers that Zanders places in your organization. Through regular professional updates and exchanges of knowledge and experience, our interim professionals remain completely up to date with all relevant specialist knowledge. The benefit for you is that we always assign a specialist who is up to speed with best practices and recent developments in his or her field of expertise.

To monitor the general progress and quality of assignments, Zanders has a senior consultant oversee each assignment. This consultant is available at any time to provide advice, assistance and specific expertise. During the assignment we maintain contact with our colleague, but above all with you, our client, to assure that we achieve our objectives and are respond alertly to any change In requirements.

Zanders Interim Services strives for prudent solutions. In consultation with you, we will identify the best way of meeting a staffing requirement.

Collaboratively we will draw up the definition of the assignment and a profile of the required candidate. On this basis Zanders Interim Services will propose the most suitable candidate. We would like to attend the initial interview as an observer. This enables us, together with you and the candidate, to determine whether the organization, the assignment and the candidate are an optimal match.


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