Treasury Strategy & Organization for NGO

Treasury Strategy & Organization

The strategic objectives of treasury need to be aligned with the overall objectives of the organization. Defining a treasury strategy and setting up the organizational structure is the initial building block on which treasury will operate.

Trends & Developments

  • The treasury function is expanding, with the treasury increasingly department playing a more strategic role;
  • Integration between treasury and the wider organization is a prerequisite for an effective and efficient treasury organization;
  • Defining a desired or target operating model for the treasury function is vital for treasury to achieve its strategic objectives;
  • Addressing those actions with the highest priority via a phased implementation approach enables the treasury department to become a best-in-class global treasury organization.

How can we assist you?

  • A comprehensive review and assessment of the current treasury strategy and organization, including a benchmark against current best market practices;
  • Framework definition and solution design of your target operating model to ensure your treasury organization is future-proof;
  • Construction of a strategic treasury roadmap, which will provide granularity of the various sub-projects involved and the timelines for achieving the strategic objectives of treasury in line with the overall objectives of the organization.

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