Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

For many corporates there are funding opportunities present in their current financial supply chain. The question is how to spot and unlock them. In our view supply chain finance consists of many different solutions.

Finance, Risk and Efficiency

Supply chain finance (SCF) consists of financial arrangements in the form of debt, equity or financial contracts used in collaborations between at least two supply chain partners and facilitated by the focal company, with the aim to improve the overall financial performance and mitigate the overall risks of the supply chain.

We believe that SCF initiatives are driven by objectives in the area of Finance, Risk and Efficiency.

Our Added Value

We are bank-independent and look at supply chain finance as one of the alternative funding instruments in combination with a way to mitigate supply chain risk.

We have proprietary tools for our supply chain financing advisory. The most powerful tool is that we can calculate the financial business case for supply chain finance program by assessing the suppliers and client side of the business. We combine a quantitative analysis (the terms and conditions of the contracts and the creditworthiness of the counterparties) with the qualitative aspects of the business case. Due to our strategic partnership with M3 consultancy  we can combine the financial and logistic knowledge in this area.

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