Loan Pricing

Loan Pricing

We advise organizations on determining pricing for loans according to market conditions.

When do you need advice on loan pricing?

  • Your institution is facing a refinancing program and would like to understand the multiple drivers of and dynamics in pricing of credit facilities.
  • Understanding the dynamics of loan pricing allows for negotiating an appropriate and fair pricing of credit facilities, whether offered by banks, bond markets or other lenders.
  • Tax authorities require corporates’ in-house financial centers to price intercompany loans at arms-length-basis, while applying a risk sensitive approach.
  • Corporations would like to offer longer payment terms to clients, based on fair pricing in line with market conditions.
  • Creditors might offer extended payment terms, but you may need to find out whether the pricing thereof is attractive enough.
  • Business cases of especially large (infrastructural) projects require adequate interest rates (reflecting current market conditions) in calculations.

Services to support transparent loan pricing

  • Setting pricing of a wide variety of loan instruments, from collateralized to subordinated credit structures
  • Setting pricing for multiple clients such as financial institutions, corporates and SMEs.
  • Our loan pricing reports are presented in a clear format, based on distinct key risk profiles and making the drivers of loan pricing transparent.
  • Development of IFRS-compliant loan pricing policies and tools for international treasury centers.
  • Our loan pricing policies and tools are based on principles common in the international banking sector.
  • With our pricing techniques we provide insight in different markets, such as the EUR bond market, EUR bank market as well as alternatives like crowd funding.
  • Our rating reports and loan pricing reports are complementary.

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