Business case

Business case

A business case is used in support of a policy or strategic choice, an investment decision or a financing process.

Optimal financing

While market developments have led to greater risks in financing as well as triggering a restriction of financing options. This underlines the increased importance of a high quality and well planned business case that draws on the valuable experiences we have gained in the corporate and financial sector.

  • The support we provide in relation to business cases includes:
  • Carrying out market analyses to understand the developing requirements, allowing the business risk to be evaluated;
  • Preparing SWOT analyses in order to determine the strategic position;
  • Carrying out feasibility analyses at project level in order to evaluate proposed investments or part-investments, as part of a comprehensive housing program, for example;
  • Carrying out risk analyses, to map out the financial risks and the risks with a financial impact component;
  • Carrying out sensitivity analyses, allowing scenarios (such as best case and worst case scenarios) to be outlined on the basis of assumptions and starting points;
  • Determining the optimal financing structure, with accompanying securities structure and conditions, taking into account the outcome of previous financial risk analyses.

In addition to preparing (elements of) a business case, we can also give a second opinion about existing business cases.

Allied to our business case advisory role, we also provide advice on Financing options, Rating/Scoring and Derivatives.


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