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SAP, Kyriba, FIS, ION – we apply what we’ve learnt from years of working with these platforms to help you unlock optimal efficiency and insight from your investment in treasury technology

Zanders consultants are trained and certified to support our clients in the implementation of a range of treasury and risk technology solutions.

We have established (non-commercial) partnerships with a highly curated portfolio of treasury technology and TMS vendors. You can rely on Zanders experts not only for an unbiased opinion on the suitability of a solution, but also guide you efficiently through contract negotiations, system design, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing evolution.


We work with you to build and implement an architecture for your SAP system, empowering you to harness the full potential of a connected, real-time treasury with speed and efficiency.

Building your SAP innovation roadmap

With more than 200 large strategic, operational and technical SAP implementation projects under our belts, you’ll find Zanders experts are as happy talking about S/4HANA, SAP Fiori App Development and SAP Treasury Cloud as they are hedge accounting and VAR.

Whether it’s a new implementation or a reconfiguration of a legacy system, you can rely on our support – from designing the system architecture to testing the set-up and deployment. We’ll also be available post-project to support you with add-ons as you grow and evolve your SAP solution to further improve cash visibility, liquidity and lower risk.

Whatever the situation, we combine our banking and system expertise to optimize features, so your system hits its goals.

The power of our SAP partnership

Generating more insightful liquidity forecasts quicker and with less effort

With our expert calibration, the SAP Cash and Liquidity Management (CLM) module unlocks deeper clarity and insight so you can plan future cashflows with more accuracy.

Integrating treasury and risk management tasks into a single solution

Administer your treasury, monitor market risk, conduct counterparty risk analysis, manage hedge accounting – we’ll help you consolidate your treasury and risk processes in SAP.

Apply our system knowledge to build a feature-packed payment factory

We’ll help you get optimal functionality from your SAP payment factory. From automating client onboarding to re-routing and re-formatting payment instructions and activating SWIFT connectivity.


Our certified consultants operate globally, designing and delivering Kyriba implementations that empower finance leaders with insight to improve liquidity, drive growth and protect their balance sheets.

A global team of Kyriba certified consultants

Kyriba’s Cloud-based treasury and risk management solutions offer a powerful way to streamline your treasury and risk processes and extract insight with less effort. Our team combines functional treasury knowledge and technical Kyriba expertise to facilitate a smooth implementation process.

Whether it’s a greenfield implementation or reconfiguring a legacy system. Wherever in the world you operate. Regardless of whether you’re implementing Kyriba to streamline payment processes or for real-time transparency on risk. Whatever the scope and scale of your Kyriba project, we have the expertise and resource to assemble the best-fit Zanders project team for the exact needs of your implementation.

Working closely with your team and alongside Kyriba, we can help you to achieve your desired outcomes and catalyze the implementation of your system.

The power of our Kyriba partnership

Support that spans from solution design to roll-out and beyond

Our services extend to change management and training for greenfield implementations, and the addition of new modules and other post-implementation customization.

A flexible and collaborative approach

Our team is flexible to work autonomously or alongside Kyriba, taking on specific roles or adding extra resource when required for project phases.

Award winning and certified Kyriba implementation experts

Not only are our experts fully trained and certified by Kyriba, we also won their ‘Implementation Partner of the Year’ award in 2019 and 2021.


Our consultants can advise you on how to apply the core FIS treasury and risk management solutions to amplify their impact on your operations and performance.

Expertly navigating FIS to optimize outcomes for your treasury

There are 450 FIS solutions on offer. Cash and risk management, hedge accounting, commodity and derivatives managements, managed bank connectivity – the options are endless. By applying our experience of the FIS portfolio and our understanding of your business, we identify the solutions to deliver the desired outcomes for your treasury and risk functions.

Ask us about configuring modules and introducing robotic accelerators for your SaaS-based Integrity project. And we can also provide UAT script templates, training materials, and best practice controls for Quantum solutions. Our certified consultants understand how to implement and optimize Integrity and Quantum systems and will work closely with FIS to drive forward your implementation process.

You can count on our support from designing the system architecture to testing the set-up and training your team.

The power of our FIS partnership

Getting full value from FIS Integrity subscriptions

Our certified Integrity consultants help you optimize the functionality you get from FIS’ SaaS-based treasury management solution.

A swift transition to Quantum-powered efficiency

Zanders’ Quantum consultants have developed a proprietary project management methodology to enable a swift and seamless implementation of the system.

Activating the full feature power of your FIS system

For example, our Quantum-trained consultants can guide you through the relevant features of the system – from dealing and reporting, to processing, analytics and cash management.


When you’re making the shift to a more digital way of working, our team’s knowledge of ION systems and your treasury operations helps overcome any implementation sticking points.

For treasuries looking to use technology for better control and clarity over cash management and risk, we understand how to implement ION’s solutions to achieve the best outcomes. We have particularly extensive experience in working with IT2 – ION’s highly-configurable treasury and risk management system.

If you’re introducing IT2 for the first time, we’ll not only help you to configure your system, we’ll also provide change management and training so your platform is up and running and delivering measurable business value as swiftly as possible.

Zanders brings extensive experience of building and deploying ION systems, so they deliver optimal efficiencies to treasury processes and risk operations.

The power of our ION partnership

Unlocking optimal outcomes from IT2 systems

With our unparalleled combination of functional treasury knowledge and technical IT2 expertise, we can unlock higher performance from ION systems.

Extensive implementation experience

We have a portfolio of more than 50 ION implementation projects for clients across consumer goods, logistics, energy and real estate industries.

End-to-end IT2 implementations

Our support spans from solution design to post-project support, version upgrades, additional modules or system configuration to support treasury transformations.

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