Treasury Performance & Control for NGO

Treasury Performance & Control

By implementing treasury performance and control measures, treasury organizations are able to reduce their operational complexity and optimize performance.

Trends & Developments

  • Most treasury organizations will first focus on gaining control of their activities by reducing their operational complexity. This will enable treasury to manage financial risks more proactively;
  • Operational risks need to be mitigated as much as possible by focusing on the centralization, standardization and automation of treasury processes and workflows;
  • After treasury has gained control and visibility of its operational activities, it will strive for operational excellence via performance optimization;
  • To become best-in-class, a treasury department should strive for both operational effectiveness and efficiency. Operational effectiveness measures will focus on day-to-day operations, whereas efficiency will have a more long-term focus.

How can we assist you?

  • A comprehensive review and assessment of the current treasury processes and workflows, as well as the identification of opportunities for improvement based on our expertise and track record with other international organizations and agencies;
  • Mitigation of operational risks and focusing on drivers of operational excellence by identifying those areas that are crucial for centralization, standardization and automation;
  • Identification of the treasury value drivers of your organization and the design of key risk, performance and value indicators;
  • Definition and solution design of a treasury performance and control framework in which treasury focuses on gaining control, increasing performance and adding value.

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