Treasury Management Systems

Treasury Management Systems

In the area of Treasury Management Systems we assist corporate clients in the selection and/or implementation of an ‘off-the-shelf’ system to support the treasury department.

System categories

The systems we assist corporates in are, amongst others:

  • treasury management systems;
  • risk management systems;
  • dealing platforms;
  • market data systems;
  • bank communication systems;
  • cash flow forecasting systems;
  • payment factory systems;
  • bank account management systems;
  • other service providers, such as SWIFT Service Bureau, or an EMIR Trade Repository;
  • confirmation matching software, etc.

With an in-depth understanding of their functionalities we actively track around 60 treasury management systems of over more than 40 vendors. We help our clients to select the system that is the best fit for their needs.

We have a clear overview of the functionality of all systems and can help with solving queries in many areas, for example:

  • how to get the best use out of your system;
  • business cases to show added value of automating processes using a system;
  • standardizing system use across the treasury organization group-wide;
  • fit-gap on migrating current treasury processes into a system;
  • re-shaping treasury processes to be ‘system ready’;
  • setting up new reports or dashboards for combining information in one view;
  • interfacing with other systems & information sources to provide the following:
    • auto-upload of trades from electronic dealing platforms;
    • market data feeds;
    • electronic banking systems for downloading bank statements and sending payments;
    • ERP for auto-posting accounting entries from TMS to ERP;
    • payment systems for processing payment factory bulk files;
    • consolidation systems;
    • cash flow forecasting information sent by entities;
    • confirmation matching systems;
    • SWIFT or SWIFT Service Bureau, and;
    • EMIR



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