Risk Management Systems

Risk Management Systems

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate risk management system is a complex process that requires a lot of effort from an organization, but can also yield many benefits. With our extensive experience with financial systems we offer support from system selection to post-implementation.

System selection

We offer a structured approach for selecting a suitable treasury or risk management system for your organization. Based on our extensive experience with system selections, we developed tools that help streamline discussion on requirements and allow for an objective comparison between systems. Our knowledge of various systems enables us to quickly and efficiently arrive at a short-list of vendors.

Our framework for system selection can be applied to all of the following systems:

  • financial risk management systems;
  • asset and liability management (ALM) systems;
  • treasury management systems;
  • market data systems;
  • data warehouses.


We offer support with every step of the system implementation, using our structured approach (see 7 step approach to risk management transformation). With an excellent overview of the market and best practices, we advise our clients on defining system requirements. Furthermore, as an independent advisor we help our clients with liaising between vendors and the various stakeholders within the organization. Our project experience enables us to identify possible project risks at an early stage.

Post implementation support

When the existing configuration of a system is no longer suited, or additional functionalities are required, we help to successfully adjust the systems. With our hands-on experience with various vendors, we can support with, among others, the following activities:

  • reviewing the existing system landscape and identifying inefficiencies;
  • setting up additional configuration in existing systems;
  • building integrated tooling for additional functionality;
  • developing additional risk and treasury reports;
  • testing and validating existing system configuration.


In addition to the selection and implementation of risk management systems, we also support with the execution of internal and external (regulatory) reports. Furthermore, we advise on how to leverage risk management systems for the extraction of new insights and management information, for example for the purpose of new internal reports and/or risk management dashboards.

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