Investment Management Advice

Investment Management Advice

International organizations often have substantial cash balances built up from donations and awaiting allocation towards appropriate projects or causes. These funds temporarily remaining in their accounts must be deposited or invested. Investments can be made in traditional asset classes such as bonds and equity, but can also be geared more towards the ideological goals of the organisation by means of direct investments. This underlines the importance of having an effective, sustainable and robust investment policy and risk management strategy.

Independent advisor

Many international organizations are governed by policies developed and approved by the Member States or stakeholders. These policies often take significant effort and time to be approved and, as a result, cannot adapt rapidly to the ever-changing macro-environment.

Thanks to our close involvement with all types of public and non-profit organizations, we have extensive knowledge of and experience with policies, legislation and regulations in the international organisation sector. Our role as financial sector advisor means we have the necessary expertise in the field of investment management, risk management and setting up business cases and funds for direct investments.

Our investment advice encompasses the entire process: from strategy, governance and selection (of asset managers, funds or instruments) to compliance and performance reporting. This advice is entirely independent: we are not an asset manager and do not have own funds,. Nor do we engage in any transactions as a counterpart of our clients.

Each phase of the process

By combining our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide you with specialized advice during each phase of the investment process. Our services cover the following topics:

  • the investment strategy;
  • the investment charter; and
  • the investment plan (investment mandates).
Forecasting, Analysis & Performance
  • liquidity management / cash flow forecasting;
  • performing asset liability management (ALM) studies;
  • reporting (definition of formats, delivery and monitoring); and
  • systems for recording the investments and associated cash flows (selection, implementation).
Selection & Implementation
  • selection procedures (of asset manager/custodian/investment funds);
  • advice on portfolio composition; and
  • setting up business cases and implement and manage (revolving) funds for direct investments.

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