Bank Rationalization & RfPs for NGO

Bank Rationalization & RfPs

In a bank rationalization project, banking partners are sent a Request for Proposal (RfP) which will allow for an objective evaluation and a selection of those banking partners who can best deliver the required cash management capabilities to your organization.

Managing global bank relationships in an ever-changing banking landscape requires a strategic approach that considers the credit relationship with multiple banks and the share of wallet that is spent for activities in the areas of cash, liquidity, financial risk and local bank services.

Trends & Developments

  • By optimizing the number of bank relationships, bank accounts and other transaction services, the banking landscape will become less complex and more efficient.
  • By achieving bank independent connectivity via SWIFT or EBICS, the risk and costs associated with multiple, proprietary bank interfaces are reduced and visibility is improved.
  • Another component is the establishment of an in-house bank (IHB), payments and reconciliations, reduce FX costs and external transactions.

How can we assist you?

  • As an independent and specialized consulting firm, Zanders has great expertise in managing bank selection processes via RfPs. We can objectively compare different banking partners and help to evaluate your bank relationships.
  • A comprehensive review and assessment of the current situation, including gathering data from regional and country offices and interviews with key stakeholders, will provide the basis for a state-of-the-art cash management solution design or blueprint for the future.
  • A detailed roadmap will provide granularity of the various sub-projects involved and the timelines for achieving the objectives. Before senior management signs off on a project, Zanders can also provide support with a business case that will demonstrate the costs, resource requirements and bottom line impact.
  • This independent, structured and objective approach will ensure impartiality in the process that will stand up to scrutiny when it comes to obtaining buy-in from stakeholders and getting the final approvals.

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