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Get rid of complicated Excel sheets, simplify your financial planning.​

Take the next step in financial planning, with TREASURYnxt.

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TREASURYnxt is a suite of treasury and finance support tooling. Designed by treasurers, developed for treasurers, supported by treasurers.
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Get in control of the administration of your financial contracts. Gain immediate insight in the substance of incoming and outstanding loans, generate cashflow reports and monitoring payment events. All at the click of a button.

Cashflow Forecasting

Visibility of liquidity is crucial for any organization. Automatically map your cashflows using our mapping. Spend less time on updating your forecast, so you can spend more time on analyzing it.


Prepare for the uncertain future. An accurate multi-year view on the development of your financial results puts you at an advantage. Measure and monitor your future financial health and resilience.

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