Market Information Wednesday 10 August 2022

Consumer prices in China increased slightly in July, according to figures from the Chinese statistical office published today. On an annual basis, prices rose by 2.7%, after a plus of 2.5% in June and 2.1% in May and April. For July, economists expected an increase of 2.9%. On a monthly basis, consumer prices increased 0.5% in July, after a pause in June.

The average daily output of Dutch manufacturing industry increased again in June, but less than in May, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics published today. Production increased in June by 6.2% on annual basis, lower than in previous months. In May, the production increased by 9.9% and in April even by 13.8%.

Dutch listed companies and businesses fear a decrease in consumer spending due to high energy and food prices taking a substantial bite out of their disposable income. As a result, many companies are postponing investments and introducing cheaper products.

The 6M Euribor increased with 5 basis points to 0.73% compared to previous business day. The 10Y Swap increased with 3 basis points to 1.79% compared to previous business day.

In the attachment, today’s market data on money and capital market rates as well as other rates are presented.