Market information Tuesday August 18th 2015

The Brazilian state owned oil company Petrobras may need to pay a record penalty of USD 1.6 billion to the United States authorities due to corruption. If these accusations are true, Petrobras may face the largest penalty ever levied by the United States in a corporate corruption investigation. Brazilian politicians are also accused of being involved in this matter.

Tourism has an increasing role in the Dutch economy, the sector grew 9.1% from 2010 to 2015. The contribution of the sector to the GDP has increased to 3.7% which equals EUR 24.4 billion. Due to this increase, the number of jobs also increased within the sector.

Assets managed by Dutch investment funds has declined for the first time in two years. In the second quarter of 2015 the volume in these funds has decreased from EUR 808 billion to EUR 772 billion, a decrease of 4.5%. Main reason for this decrease were negative investment returns of average 3.6%.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at 0.05%. The 10Y Swap remained unchanged at 0.97%.

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