Market information Tuesday April 12th, 2016

A new support fund for the Italian banking sector is being negotiated upon by Italian officials and financial firms. According to Reuters, the fund would receive a total capital amount of EUR 5 billion. It should provide relief to the weakest Italian banks by buying their bad loan portfolios and supplementing their buffers. Partly due to the news of the establishment of the new fund, share prices of Italian banks increased by 2.8% on average.

The World Bank expects that the Asian emerging economies (Indonesia, Malesia, Vietnam, etc.) and China will grow less strongly in 2016 compared to their initial forecast. The World Bank expects that the region including China will grow with 6.3% in 2016, compared to 6.4%, previously expected. The growth forecast for the Chinese economy remains unchanged at 6.7%.

Figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show a substantial reduction in the number of Dutch bankruptcies in March 2016. Last month 93 bankruptcies were reported, a decrease of 19.4% compared to February 2016. The decrease in March follows six months of almost continuous increases. Most bankruptcies occurred in the retail sector.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at -0.13%. The 10Y Swap increased with 1 basispoint at 0.51%.

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