Market information Tuesday 10th of May, 2016

Yesterday the Euro countries decided, for the time being, not to extend another financial aid package to Greece. The Greek budget cuts that were accepted by parliament last weekend however open the way for a new aid package, according to euro group president Dijsselbloem.

Numbers published by Statistics Netherlands show a decrease in the number of corporate bankruptcies in April, for the second month in a row. The number of bankruptcies declined from 392 in March to 377 in April. The Statistics Netherlands claim that there is no significant trend in the number of bankruptcies, despite the fact that the number of bankruptcies declined for the last two months.

In April, the average price level for consumption goods remained unchanged compared to last year, according to numbers published by the Statistics Netherlands. The increase in average price level of 0.6% in March was not continued in April. The extraordinary low inflation is, to a great extent, caused by the strong decline in oil prices and the decline in mobile phone prices, according to Statistics Netherlands.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at -0.14%. The 10Y Swap decreased with 4 basispoints at 0.52%.

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