Market information Thursday 3rd of September 2015

The private sector in the United States showed employment growth in August. According to ADP, 190,000 new jobs were created in this period. On Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the official report about employment in the United States.

Conditions in the Dutch industry improved due to an increase in foreign orders, according to ABN Amro. The foreign revenues increase by 3.3%. However, domestic production and revenues contracted with 16%. According to ABN Amro domestic revenues will show a significant improvement in the remainder of the year.

At 1:45 p.m. the European Central Bank (ECB) will announce the interest rate decision in Frankfurt. It is expected that the interest rate will remain unchanged at 0.05%. Afterwards, Draghi will hold a press conference in which he will comment on the interest rate decision and present the quarterly predictions for economic growth.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at 0.04%. The 10Y Swap decrease by 2 bp to 1.11%.

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