Market Information Thursday 31 December 2020

The British House of Commons gave its approval, by a large majority, to the trade agreement concluded last week between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The agreement was adopted by 521 votes to 73. The trade agreement was subsequently approved by the House of Lords, which was followed by Queen Elizabeth’s approval.

European logistics companies will, where possible, temporarily avoid taking on orders to transport goods into the UK, as a consequence of the potential problems arising at borders as a result of the brexit. This is shown by the data from the German software company Transporeon. This company keeps track of the real-time data of more than 100,000 logistics service providers. Apparently, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of forwarders taking cargoes to the United Kingdom.

The 6M Euribor is unchanged at -0.52% compared to previous business day. The 10Y Swap is unchanged at -0.26% compared to previous business day.

In the attachment, today’s market data on money and capital market rates as well as other rates are presented.