Market information Monday November 9th 2015

China’s export shrank in October by 7% where a drop of 4% was reported a month earlier. The import of China fell in October by 19%. Experts, surveyed by Reuters, expected an export contraction of 3% against a decrease in import of 16%.

In line with the downgrading of the car manufacturer itself, Moody’s lowered the credit rating of the financial subsidiary of Volkswagen. It concerns the long-term obligations of Volkswagen Financial Services and Volkswagen Bank. The credit rating was lowered from Aa3 to A1 with a negative outlook. The long-term credit rating of Volkswagen AG is A3 with a negative outlook.

The average daily output of the Dutch industry was 0.7% higher in September 2015 than in September 2014, according to Statistics Netherlands. In particular, the pharmaceutical industry and the electronical equipment industry performed well at increases of 9% and 4%, respectively. The chemical industry however experienced a decrease of 5% due to a decline in outstanding orders.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at 0.00%. The 10Y Swap increased with 7 bp to 1.02%.

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