Market information Monday May 2nd 2016

The first figures of the European statistical agency Eurostat published on Friday, showed that the economy of the Eurozone increased with 0.5% compared to the last quarter of 2015. The economy increased by 1.7% on a yearly basis, keeping the annual growth rate on a same level as het last three months of 2015.

The inflation rate in the Eurozone decreased to -0.2% in April compared to April 2015, announced Eurostat on Friday. The main reason for this decline were the decreases of the oil prices. Without the volatile prices of energy and nutrients, the inflation in April was 0.8% which is a decrease of 0.2%.

The Chinese industry has stabilised in April 2016 according to figures of the Chinese government. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) of the Chinese industry declined to 50.1 in April compared to 50.2 in March. Analyst expected an average level of 50.3. A stand above 50 points indicates growth; below 50 indicates contraction.

Consumer confidence in the United States declined in April 2016 according to the University of Michigan. The index decreased from 91.0 in March 2016 to 89.0 in April 2016. Analysts expected a decrease to 90.0 in April.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at -0.14%. The 10Y Swap increased with 3 basis points at 0.66%.

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