Market information Monday July13th 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls U.S. debt a ‘Serious Problem’ as he defends Greece. He warned of dangers to the global economy caused by U.S. borrowing, while stating Greece isn’t solely to blame for its debt crisis. Putin said he’s concerned about Greece and hopes its crisis will be resolved soon, reiterating that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hasn’t asked him for financial aid. However, he said Russia has the resources to help its partners.

Oil prices fell on Monday as Iran and six world powers were close to nailing down a nuclear deal, but high Chinese crude import figures prevented prices from tumbling further. The potential of Iran soon adding to global oil oversupply and the lower demand side in China and Europe led several analysts to say that crude would fall further. U.S. crude prices were down around 90 cents at $51.83 a barrel this morning.

Mainland Chinese shares increased as more measures to strengthen the market from its recent rout encouraged investors to return. The Shanghai Composite was up 1.5% to 3,934.37 after gaining more than 10% in the previous two sessions. The latest measures from regulators involved cracking down on “grey-market” margin lending, which is flooding the market with leveraged stock bets. They will also clamp down on investors creating fake trading accounts. Regulators said some institutions and individuals were opening fake accounts using other people’s identities.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at 0.05%. The 10 year swap increased with 5 basis points to 1.24%.

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