Market information Monday January 25th 2016

Following the price developments at the end of last week, oil prices rose further this morning. Currently, a barrel of WTI oil is trading at USD 32.07 and a barrel Brent oil at USD 31.98. This is an increase of over 13% for WTI oil and over 17.5% for Brent oil from last week’s lows. As a result of the rising oil price, equity markets closed, led by the oil companies, higher last Friday.

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has upgraded the rating of long-term Greek government bonds from CCC to B-. S&P concludes that Greece is on track with the recapitalization of its banks and that the country is better able to withstand economic shocks. This year the economy is expected to stagnate but afterwards, Greece will show a robust recovery, according to S&P.

Currency specialists of Goldman Sachs predict that the dollar is worth more than the Euro in a year’s time. Reason is Mario Draghi who has put the door wide open to announce additional stimulus in March. According to Goldman Sachs the Euro will drop to USD 0.95.

The 6M Euribor decreased with 1 bp to -0.07%. The 10Y Swap remained unchanged at 0.78%.

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