Market information Friday December 4th 2015

Yesterday, the European Central Bank (ECB) lowered its deposit interest rate from -0.2% to -0.3%. Furthermore it extended the asset buying program of EUR 60 bln with half a year to March 2017. However, financial markets had expected a bigger easing of monetary policy; as a result stock exchanges fell. The AEX fell 3.67% and the Euro strengthened against the Dollar to USD 0.098.

Yesterday, the Banco Central do Brasil announced it is prepared to further increase the interest rate if inflation keeps rising. Currently the official interest rate is 14.25%. In mid-November, inflation was 10.3%, while the central bank aims at inflation of 4.5% for 2017. Earlier this week the Brazilian Statistics Office published weak growth figures for the Brazilian economy.

Today, Statistics Netherlands published figures showing that revenue of the Dutch retail sector was 2% higher in the third quarter of 2015 compared to the third quarter of 2014, that is the strongest growth in eight years. Revenues of the food sector are already above pre-crisis levels, but non-food revenues are still 16% behind pre-crisis levels.

The 6M Euribor remained unchanged at -0.05%. The 10Y Swap increased by 15 basis points to 0.99%.

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