Market Information Friday 7 June 2019

The International Monetary Fund reports that the economy of the United States performs well despite of the ongoing trade war and increases the forecasted growth of American economy. The current growth estimation of the economy is 2.6%, a significant increase with respects to an earlier forecast 2.3% in April. Last year, the growth was 2.9% and for the year 2020 a growth of 2.0% is expected.

Statistics Netherlands stated that the average daily production from the Dutch industry was 1.2% lower in April than in the same month one year earlier, while in February, the average daily production was equal to the same month one year earlier. The production of industrial machinery contracted the most.

The US Department of Labor announced, based on definitive numbers, that labor productivity in the United States, excluding the agricultural sector, increased by 3.4% in the first quarter of 2019. Preliminary numbers estimated a growth of 3.6%, while economists expected an increase of 3.5%. In the last quarter of 2018, labor productivity rose by 1.3%. Labor cost per unit production were 1.6% lower than in the last quarter of 2018.

The 6M Euribor is unchanged at -0.25% compared to previous business day. The 10Y Swap is unchanged at 0.28% compared to previous business day.

In the attachment, today’s market data on money and capital market rates as well as other rates are presented.