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Zanders Interim Services

So your treasurer goes on maternity leave or your risk manager quit, while his or her successor can’t start for another three months?

In the past you may have been forgiven for panicking, but now Zanders Interim Services (ZIS) is here to help. ZIS can offer your company temporary support from experienced professionals in risk management, cash – treasury management, and corporate finance. This dynamic staffing service is headed by Peep van Rijckevorsel.

Zanders Interim Services was established three years ago, and in October 2009 Peep van Rijckevorsel took over as manager, with responsibility for enhancing Zanders’s interim services in the market. He’s certainly the man for the job, having worked at ABN Amro Bank for 22 years, where he specialized in international cash management.

“I know I’m doing a good job when we can provide our clients with the best solution: the best person for the right job.”

During his time at the bank, he was involved in establishing international cash management departments, and in the process he developed an eye for people’s ‘soft’ skills.This combination of knowledge and expertise serves him extremely well in his current position. ZIS operates a large database of independent interim managers and, although they all have their own specializations, they do have a number of qualities in common:

“Obviously, we’re looking for people who are a good fit for the company. They should have an average of 8 to 15 years ofexperience in their field, have strong communication skills and possess the right soft skills as well. The people in our pool have all been carefully screened and assessed. I know I’m doing a good job when we can provide our clients with the best solution, which means the right person for the right job. People’s knowledge and experience are obviously key criteria, but I consider  personality to be at least as important – I would never assign someone to a project if I knew it wasn’t going to work on a personal level. There has to be a ‘click’ as well.”

Risk, treasury, and corporate finance

Zanders is continually looking for new talent, and many professionals also contact the company directly. “We regularly receive applications from people who are experienced in payroll administration or accounts payable and, although these people undoubtedly can add value to an organization, we will not register them,” says van Rijckevorsel.

He explains: “We believe in a clear focus and in adding value for our clients. Since our services go far beyond simply sending resumes from A to B, we focus exclusively on risk managers, treasurers, cash managers, and corporate finance specialists.”

According to Van Rijckevorsel, there are generally 3 situations that lead companies to seek temporary staff . He explains: “Illness and pregnancy are pretty standard and sometimes people are temporarily assigned to a specific project, which means someone else will need to take over their job during that time.

Also, if a company is implementing a new treasury system, the treasurer may be out of commission for a couple of weeks to attend training courses. In those types of situations, we provide a substitute.” Since the processes involved are often generic, training time is minimal. “That’s also one of our criteria in the selection process – we look for people who can get down to business right away if necessary.”

Straight to work

From the moment the application is received to when the candidate is successfully matched to a position can range from a few days days to one month. Once a client has expressed an interest in contracting a financial professional, Van Rijckevorsel sends them one or two resumes.

This is followed by an introductory interview, which Van Rijckevorsel usually attends, and in many cases a second interview is then arranged between the client and the candidate. If this interview is successful as well and the paperwork is done, the contractor can start the assignment.

In order to monitor the general progress and quality of the projects, Zanders assigns a senior consultant, who will be responsible for supporting both the client and the interim manager. This consultant is available at any time to provide advice and expertise. Van Rijckevorsel regards his contractors as colleagues: he regularly checks in with them, meets them for lunch, and ensures that they maintain their professional knowledge and skills.

He adds: “Meeting the interim managers face-to-face on a regular basis and exchanging knowledge and experiences with them ensures that they’re always up-to-date on all relevant issues. Our clients get to benefit from specialists who are up to date on best practices and recent trends in their field.”

Van Rijckevorsel clearly enjoys his job: “My work is all about people – we liaise between our clients and the contractors. That’s what I love about my job: my passion is bringing people together, creating links. I love matching the right people to the right job and helping to create something successful and productive.”