Recruiting a cut above the rest

Recruiting a cut above the rest

In addition to its broad financial consultancy services, Zanders also offers mediation for interim management. This includes temporary support and capacity assignments, from a five-day test job to the full support, and execution, of a major project. Interim recruitment director Peep van Rijckevorsel explains the challenges and satisfactions of his role.

What differentiates a Zanders interim manager compared to other interim professionals?

“From the moment a client engages an interim manager through Zanders, the whole organization is involved. For this very reason, we offer exclusive interim staff in the areas of risk management, treasury management and corporate finance. It is essential to determine the area of expertise needed. Should an interim treasurer be on an assignment somewhere and have a question regarding ISDA documentation, for example, then there are many people present at Zanders who will be able to offer their assistance. We do not practice shadow management, just quality assurance.”

Is an interim professional at Zanders recruited differently to a full-time employee?

“No, the recruitment process and the criteria are much the same, although there are some different routes. Liza Wyatt, recruiter at Zanders, and I, have recently been setting up interviews on a regular basis. Very often we find that the qualifications and skills of an interim professional fit the profile for a proposed assignment. For instance, while in discussion with an interim professional recently, we learned that he was more interested in consultancy than covering the ‘entire business’.”

How are interim professionals evaluated at Zanders?

“Interim professionals are assessed on their expertise as well as their soft skills. An interim manager is expected to have the professional knowledge as well as communication and commercial skills. A good relationship is essential, between the team and the client, but between the interim professional and Zanders too. Every client hiring one of our interim professionals hires Zanders as an organization, not someone through Zanders. That’s an important difference. The interim professional is seen as a colleague at Zanders and gets all support necessary.”

What is the situation at present regarding current offers?

“Recently many people have been forced to leave their jobs at, for instance, a bank. Quite often these people are on the lookout for interim work in the hope of finding a permanent position somewhere. Our challenge is to find someone who is ‘a cut above the rest’. It is not, however, our intention to have a large group of interim professionals available at Zanders – we are not an employment agency but rather a consultancy bureau offering solutions. The remarkable thing is that the interim professionals who work with us, as well as for us, all have a close bond with Zanders. They show great loyalty, speak the same language, everything is discussed in mutual understanding and the discussions are open and transparent. We see them as colleagues; we have the same interest. They are hired via Zanders, so their success reflects positively on us.”